Mori's Go Development Kit(GDK)

- For Java Developers only -

Now, I made my Go java sources free!

If you are trying to make Java applets or applications of Go, my GDK will help you a great deal.

You can freely modify the source codes and use them for any purposes. However, I am not responsible for the damages caused by the use of GDK. :)

This is the Board class which implements all necessary rules and functions of Go.

This Board class can

  • Draw board for various sizes.( ex. 19x19, 13x13, 9x9)
  • Make moves while removing surrounded stones, and forbid any forbidden moves.
  • Make moves on which mouse is clicked.(You can disable this.)
  • Undo/Redo moves
  • Pass
  • Start games with handicap stones
  • The class still can't count territories.

    Board class API doc for more information.

    Trivial class for handling stone's position.

    The Board class itself can't be an applet or an application. That is, it doesn't work by itself.
    That's because it is the derived class of java.awt.Canvas in order to make the class more reusable as a component.
    Thus, you have to add the class to container class such as java.awt.Applet or java.awt.Panel.

    This source shows you how to use Board class in your applet.

    Download GDK!

    GDK includes all necessary sources, classes and documents.
    Download GDK Ver.1.2(24K)

    Changes from 1.1 to 1.1.1

  • now can be compiled correctly
  • Now bug in redo has been fixed
  • Some method names have been changed
  • Coordinates can be drawn on the board
  • Message strings have become shorter
  • Changes from 1.1.1 to 1.2

  • Now you can choose JDK1.1 event model
  • An event is generated when legal move is made
  • Serious bug in ko and pass fixed
  • and many tiny changes..

  • In order to inform you of future upgrades, please let me know your address.

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    Any comments, bug reports, and questions are welcome.

    Email: mori<at>

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