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  • This is the best tutorial I've seen so far on the web. In fact, I think it offers a better intro than many of the published GO books available. I'm looking forward to your finishing it to 30 kyu.

  • This is the most amazing teaching tool I have ever seen on the internet! I learned how to play go in a couple of hours and I think now I will be able to enjoy my games on the IGS much more. I can't wait to see what's next...please finish soon! Can you let me know when you have added more? Thanks.

  • I've been wanting to learn Go for years now, never got around to it. Just wanted to say thanks, you've helped me start something I have a feeling I'll be slightly obsessed with for years. I'm off to watch a match, if I can find one, now!

  • What a great introduction for the beginner! Thank you for making this available. Your lessons are clear, helpful, and encouraging. Thanks,

  • Hello That's an incredible web-site!! I'm a beginner in go-game, but I like it a lot!! In Belgium there isn't many players of go, so I'll play with Ja-go Thank you a lot

  • I don't think I have anything to say but 'nice'.

  • Just learned about GO today in the Toronto Star newspaper. This is truly fascinating. I can't believe I am sitting here at nearly 1:00 a.m. learning a bit about this game. It's good learning it online...but I would also like to buy a board and try it that way. Wonderful site!

  • Just want to tell you that your interactive tutorial is really great. Please consider extending it to teach even more complicated situations.

  • thank you mori. like you, i am a go fanatic. i only learned how to play a month ago, however, i've played at least two games a day since i learned. in your tutorials, i've learned more than i have all month. domo arigato.

  • This is the best Go site I have ever seen! Thank you very much for this great tutorial!! I have read some books but I feel that in one night I have achieved much more then in many days of reading, just by experimenting by myself... I new all of the atari and Me stuff, but the tutorials take it one notch further. This is great...

  • Great interactive Go tutorial. Congrats! I think, I'm prepared now to challenge one of my friends who is promoting Go for years :)

  • Thanks for your fantastic site!! I have a lot of friends who are curious about "that stone game" I'm always playing. Now I know where to send them to get up to speed. Thanks again for the time and effort.

  • Hi! I really like your page.I'm a french student who have a go game at home and i never played at it because there where no rules inside the box. But i wanted to learn go, i love strategic game and i think Go is very very interesting. When i found your exercices i did all of them. Continue it's really good.

  • Thank You, This was just the kind of thing I was looking for. I started playing just a few weeks ago, and with only much stronger opponents to play against (my friends who I usually play against have been at it longer than I) I really needed the tutorial and the examples

  • Wow! I saw Go in the Movie Pi, and was interested in learning more. Your site is very well laid out and keeps interest the whole way through, good job. I was wondering - i seem to remember a game in the US called Othello - was this just a repackaged version of Go, or am I thinking of something else?

  • I would like to thank you for providing this source for learning to play Go! I have read through various web pages detailing the rules, but they were very complicated or the meanings eluded me. The guide you provide here helped me learn the game quickly. After a few tries I had thought I wouldn't even try the game again, but after reading through your tutorial here I'm planning to challenge the friend that beat me so thoroughly before. Thank you!

  • absolutely EXCELLENT page. i have always been fascinated witht he game of Go but have never had the resources to learn/play. Your site was recommended by a really great person i met during a yahoo Go game. thanks again for all of your hard work. you are definately appreciated!!

  • AAAMMAZING!!! This is the COOLEST and the MOST USEFUL Go Site I've ever found. I'll recommand this site to all my Go (and even non- Go) friends. It really helped me to learn how to play Go. So detailed, so complete, and so hands-on practice. I am sooo happy that I know how to play Go now. Thanks a lot! You guys have done an excellent job!!!

  • Congratulations: your Go page is absolutely outstanding: not only is the best game page I have ever open, it is also one of the best Internet pages I know about. Most important: your didactics is extremely good: I learned about Go only a week ago and was unable to understand the true eyes/to be alive concept during the first class (an hour and a half) Following your tutorial during half hour I think now I understand. Thank you very much for your generous gift.

  • Fantastic site! I'll tell all my friends!

  • Brilliant site! This is the beginning of a new era for me. Let thy instincts be thy guide!!!!!!!! The connections to the martial art are truly accurate.

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