GoodShape - Game record viewer applet

Put Go board in your page!

This is an applet which enables you to display game record in your page very easily.

No Go program and no image editor is needed.

All you need is a web browser (of course!) and your favorite text editor.

You can use this applet for various purposes: showing your best game, exploring Joseki, creating Life and Death problem, etc.

GoodShape is really small - Fast downloading!

The most important thing: This is free!

How to use:

  1. Input your game record by clicking on the board directly
  2. Click Generate button.
  3. On the next window to come, copy the text which represents the applet tag.
  4. Paste the text on the HTML file you are editing.
  5. Customize the applet parameters if necessary.
  6. Make sure it really works by using web browser.

The GoodShape tag generator

* For handicap games, click Pass as many as needed on white's turn.
* If you made a wrong move, click "<" and correct the move.

Customizing the GoodShape applet

You can customize the GoodShape as the following ways.

  • Modify the display size
  • No numbers on stones
  • Display a sequence of moves only from the specified position.
  • Display your comment on each move
  • Go board other than 19x19.

Detail of GoodShape applet parameters

parameter description default value
width The width of the applet 400
height The height of the applet 500
size The size of the board 19
init The position to show at the beginning.(See below) none
moves The sequence of moves to show after the position by init.(See below) none
advancemoves Proceed to the end of the sequence specified by moves.(true or false) true
clickable User can click on the board to explore the variation even when moves is specified.(true or false) true
number Display numbers on the stones.(true or false) true
startnumber The start number when number=true. 1
language Language (English/Japanese) English
next Specify the side when moves is not specified. B:Black, W:White B
startupmessage A message to display at the beginning. default message

The format of init parameter

Provide the sequence of B[**] for black and W[**] for white.
Specify the coordinate in ** using alphabets.
For a 19x19 board, use a pair of alphabet from a to s.(horizontal/vertical) The sequence is irrelevant because this parameter only shows a position.

An example:
<param name=init value="B[dd]B[dp]B[pq]W[pd]">

The format of moves parameter

Similar to init, but the sequence is important. Use B and W alternatively.
Pass is represented as [zz].

A comment can be added to each move. Insert the text prefixed with "{" and suffixed with "}". "/" is interpreted as a line feed inside the text.

An example:
<param name=moves value="B[pd]W[dd]B[pp]W[dp]
B[pj]{This is triple-star strategy.}
W[nc]{This is kakari./How to respond?}

When specifying stones with init and moves, you can leave line feeds and semicolons. Thus you can use your SGF file for this.

Some examples of customized GoodShape

Download GoodShape

Generally, you don't have to download GoodShape applet but if you want to put the applet file(*.class files) in your site, or if you want to use it even when you are offline, please download the above file.



  • The appearance and the behavior of GoodShape are subject to change without notice.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by using GoodShape.

Opinions and comments are always welcome!

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