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    Basic rules and how to capture stones

  1. Introduction
  2. How To Capture Stones
  3. 50 Kyu Problems - Capture Atari Stones!
  4. 49 Kyu Problems - A bit more difficult
  5. 48 Kyu Problems - Capture anyway!
  6. Destroy all whites - Just take a break
  7. 47 Kyu Problems - Double Ataris
  8. Illegal moves - One more rule to remember
  9. 46 Kyu Problems - Think Twice

    More about capturing stones

  10. 45 Kyu Problems - Learning the Ladder
  11. The stones which would never be captured
  12. 44 Kyu Problems - Make Two Eyes
  13. 43 Kyu Problems - Semeai(attacking each other)
  14. 42 Kyu Problems - Learning Uttegaeshi (snapback technique)
  15. Ko - The last rule to remember
  16. 40 Kyu Problems - Crane in the nest
  17. 39 Kyu Problems - False Eyes
  18. 38 Kyu Problems - Fight around the corner
  19. 37 Kyu Problems

    How a game is progressed

  20. [new]The beginning - How a game is started
  21. 36 Kyu problems - The middle game
  22. End game - How to count territory?
  23. End game(2)
  24. Cutting stones - Tear them apart!
  25. Defending - Prevent the cut
  26. One Point Jump - very good move
  27. More about jumps
  28. 35 Kyu Problems - The game is almost over
  29. 34 Kyu Problems
  30. Game Examples
  31. Komi - A little bonus for white

    Preparing for the real game

  32. [new]A slap in the face
  33. [new]Extending your stone
  34. Kakari and Shimari - corners are profitable
  35. Epilog - Where to go next?

Where is the answer?

Basically, I don't provide answers to problems because you will eventually find them by yourself after retrying many times.
If you can't find the answer after you try 100 times, please let me know the problem by E-mail.

Copyright 1997-2001, Hiroki Mori

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Foreign Language Versions

[Japanese] By Hiroki Mori
[French] By Alain Papazoglou
[Italian] By Italian Go Association
[Croatian] By Croatian Igo Alliance
[Chinese] By Zhanghu and YuPing
[Romanian] By Adrian Ghita
[German] By Von Gerit Planitzer, Alexander Parsch
[Dutch] By Tom Francis
[Spanish] By Claudio Cofré Caro
[Polish] By Andrzej Bojar
[Esperanto] By Qitailang Ida
[Ukrainian] By Igor Goliney
[Portuguese] By Ricardo Alamino
[Turkish] By Alper Tecer
[Finnish] By Pekka Korolainen
[Hungarian] By Albrecht Istvan
[Russian] By Vadim Kolontsov
[Thai] By Thammarat Charoenchai
[Indonesian] By Agro Rachmatullah
[Swedish] By Mans Andersson
[Hebrew] By Daniel Moran(1-13) and Haim Nissani(14-Final)
[Slovak] By Peter Kruty
[Catalan] By Marc Gonzalez-Carnicer
[Basque] By Ibon Igartua
[Belarus] By Symonka Salaveika
[Arabic] By Obadah Horany
[Chinese(Traditional)] By Hong Kong GO Association
[Lithuanian] By Gintautas Miselis
[Greek] By Cyprus Go Association
[Bulgarian] By Bulgarian Go Association
[Slovenian] By Go Association of Slovenia
[Latvian] By Ingars

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