45 Kyu Problems

Learning the Ladder

Here, you will learn the shape called the ladder (sometimes this is also known by its Japanese name shicho.)
You will soon find out why it is called so.

Get the white stone.
Try to keep making successive Ataris as white tries to escape.

Did you get it?

We call the shape a ladder because you try to chase or escape by making the shape of a ladder, or a sequence of steps.
As above, white was just making more trouble for himself as he tried to escape.

Now, the ladder again.
Unfortunately, it's your turn to escape.

But in this case, unlike the last, you can escape.
Good luck!

Could you escape from white's persistent attack?

As you can see, if there is help (in the form of friendly stones) in the way, you can escape from the attack because you can extend yourself faster than the attacker.

What would happen afterwards for the attacker?
He will live a miserable life.

Be careful when you are trying to escape or to chase in the case of ladder.

A Go Proverb - Don't play Go if you don't know the ladder.


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