End game

Here you will learn how to tell when a game is finished and how to count territories using 5x5 boards.
Both sides made 5 moves each and the game is considered to be finished.

Black has 5 points on the left and white has 10 points on the right.

Thus white wins by 5 points.

You can count the places as territories where a vertical and a horizontal line meet.

Corners and edges are also included.
Remember that stones are not counted as territories.

A game is considered to be finished when both sides pass, because they don't want to make any more moves.

Why is the figure above considered to be finished?

Continuing from the above, assume that black makes a move inside the white's territory.

It seems white can easily capture that invader. See the left figure.

Thus black will not make such moves.

Now, what happens if you make a move inside your own territory?

With that move, you reduced your own territory by 1 point. Nobody wants to do that!

Therefore, the uppermost figure is regarded to be the end of the game.

(Although sometimes you have to play inside your territory in order to make two eyes or to strengthen your wall.)

This is also the end of the game.
Black has 5 points and white has 6 points - white wins by 1 point.

What about the 2 points in the middle? They are called "Dame" - neutral area - which belong to neither side.

You can play here if you want although you will neither gain nor lose a point.

When does a game end?

- When both sides don't want to play anywhere and pass successively.
Then both territories are counted and the larger side wins.
Your final score is your territory on the board, plus the captures you have removed from the board.

- When either side thinks he can't win the game no matter how he plays, and resigns.

Unlike many other games, this is considered an honorable outcome. Playing on in the face of a crushing loss is not.


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